You’re standing in your room facing a boring expanse of wall space. What on earth are you going to put there? You’ve gotten the paint, the furniture, but you’re just missing the finishing touch – the art.

There are so many options on the market for art, but if you’re trying to find affordable, high-quality art, nothing beats giclee print canvas art and wall murals. With these forms of art, you can add that finishing touch to your room and avoid the thousand dollar price tag that comes with those pricey oil paintings.

But that brings up a new dilemma. Between these two options, which one is the better option? Like any good debate, there’s no definite answer, they each have their pros and cons. We’ve analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of both mediums to guide you in your decision-making process

Giclee Print Canvas Art

At its heart, Giclee Print Canvas Art uses advanced digital printing techniques to transfer stunning images onto canvas. To place canvas art in the room, you generally have to set up a mount to hang the canvas from. In general, canvas art is best centred in the wall space above furniture or in the centre of a large wall.


Just like the Oil Paintings

Rewind a few years, and the only options you would have found for wall art would have been paintings. Fast forward today and guess what’s still popular? Paintings. Except these days, even the duplicates cost several hundred dollars.

With digital canvas art, you can replicate the classy effect of the original paintings. Unlike wall mural, the three-dimensional protrusion of canvas adds an extra sense of depth to art. Correctly placed, canvas art will make for a nice focal point in any room.

It’s just like a painting. Still canvas. Still stunning. Just half the price.

Easy on the eyes

One of the less appreciated benefits of canvas art is definitely its size. Canvas art can easily be appreciated at any distance, whether your guests are sitting on the far side of the room or a few inches away playing the art critic.

Flexibility in Choices

Canvas art offers a much greater flexibility in the choice of artwork compared to wall murals. At the end of the day, your choice of art should be an expression of yourself, and digital canvas art offers a much wider variety of genres and subjects compared to wall murals.

In fact, you can even print your own photos and designs onto canvas with custom canvas printing. Turn all your treasured memories and moments into a work of art that everyone will love. Nothing is going to scream “you” more than some fun family photos.

Multiple Panels

One of the unique draws of canvas art (and my personal favorite) is the ability to purchase artworks in several panels. These panels can be mounted beside each other to create a cohesive piece of art. The separation between the panels of canvas makes for a dynamic and modern effect that really brings out the content of the painting.

It just adds a little bit of abstract that will make you pop.


Mounting and Nails

Definitely one of the biggest drawbacks that come with canvas wall art is the need to mount it. To mount canvas art, you’re going to need to put a few screws into the wall, and that’s going to leave a permanent hole in the wall.

That’s not a big deal if that piece of art is always going to be there, but realistically, people move, tastes change, and sometimes you have to scratch that itch for a complete interior design makeover. Just keep the holes in mind, and if you’re not the DIY type of person, make sure to tap a handy friend to install the art for you.

Wall Murals

With recent gains in printing technology, producers have been able to transfer their art onto vinyl wallpaper. One common use for wall murals is to create a window into another world. They let your visitors be transported into the streets of New York and the mountains of Yosemite. Without a doubt, wall murals add another dimension to your room. Some of the best places to put a wall mural? Bathrooms and bedrooms.


Go Big or Go Home

By default, wall murals take up much more surface area than canvas art, i.e. An entire wall. This means that wall murals are great for making a strong, bold visual statement in your rooms that canvas art can’t compare to.

The sizing of wall murals means that they are much more effective for setting a theme and atmosphere in the room than alternatives. If you’re looking for a modern look, what better way than to bring the city to your room. Peaceful and calm? Wall murals can transform your room into a forest oasis.

Peel and Stick

Unlike canvas art, wall murals don’t leave ugly, gaping holes in your walls. The adhesive is gentle enough that there won’t be a need for tools, nails, and there definitely won’t be any holes that you’ll have to deal with in the future.

Temporary Display

Hosting a party? Not in the mood to see the same image of that boring beach over and over again? The affordable cost of wall murals and its relative ease of setup means that you can set up temporary displays on Monday and then take them off Tuesday.


Wrinkles and crinkles

When setting up wall murals and wallpaper, a common problem is uneven application which leads to wrinkles and air pockets in the wallpaper. Applying wallpaper correctly can be a time-consuming task, and it helps to have a few people to assist you. Worried? Don’t worry, we’ve found a tutorial for you that shows you how to apply wallpaper (all by yourself).


It really is go big or go home. With wallpapers, you have to cover an entire wall for the effect to be fully appreciable. For some, that size of a wall mural can be overwhelming and clash with the other design elements of the room.

Have you decided?

Whether you’re on team Canvas or Wall Mural, Picture Sensations is here to meet all you wall art needs. Visit our website to view our catalogue of art. We won’t disappoint. I promise.

PS. We do custom canvas printing too!

As our name implies, Picture Sensations wants you to feel various sensations when you experience and enjoy our digital canvas prints. Whatever your inspiration is for buying our artwork, we hope to help make your place a little bit more “you”.