Stuck on choosing wall art? We’ve all run into this interior design problem before. You’ve cycled through hundreds of artist galleries, searched through countless online stores, and you’re on the verge of commissioning a local artist to paint you an expensive masterpiece. After a few days of searching, you’re still stuck with a blank space on your wall – a drab rectangle of paint screaming to be covered up.

Really picking the perfect wall art is a herculean task. Sometimes it can feel like you’re chasing after a pot of gold under the rainbow. You search and search, get closer and closer, but that perfect piece of art is always just a little bit out of your reach.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to go searching for gold? And that you don’t need to settle for less either. The perfect piece of wall art is probably locked up in one of your cherished photo albums.

With custom canvas printing, you can take some of your personal photos, artwork, and designs to make your own perfect canvas. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your decoration, and make that perfect piece of wall art.

But that begs the question: What pictures should I be using? You probably have hundred, if not thousands of photos, with millions more that you can search for and buy online. How do you pick the one that should end up on your wall?

While everyone has different tastes, we’ve curated three broad categories that always make for a stunning custom canvas masterpiece for your living room, office, or bedroom. Our hope is that we can help you pick stunning wall art that you will fall in love with.

Family Photos

There’s no better way to put a personal touch in your home than framing some family photos. Photos of your wedding, children at play, your last summer vacation, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


A good rule of thumb when choosing family photos for custom canvas printing would be to ensure that the photo is well-exposed. In general, having brightly colored photo will make for a more pleasing canvas that will blend in with your room’s color scheme.

Keep a look out for photos with a distinct subject. A lone child playing in the snow. A couple strolling on the beach. A sibling on edge of a cliff. Having a clear, distinct subject helps to create a bold and dramatic effect that will make your centerpiece stand out. Something that adds to the effect is having a contrast or accent color, for example, a red hat in the snow.


Always take into account the effect you want your piece of work to have in your space. Often times, the color scheme of your room will have a significant impact on choosing an appropriate photo. Do you have a bold color scheme? Reds and oranges? Complement that with pictures of stunning cliffs, mountains, or rapids. Looking for something calm to match the greens, greys, and blues? Look for serene photos of dappled sunlight, forests, and lakes. Who needs to go outside to get a nice view?Did you just get back from a trip to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon? I hope that you took a lot of photos, because nature shots make for choice custom canvas prints.

Urban Architecture

bridgeAre you looking for a modern, metropolitan feel? What better way to showcase your urban side than with some urban architecture? Some good starter points would be streets, lights, and the skylines of your favorite cities. Also consider using landmarks and famous monuments such as the Status of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Empire State Building as an aesthetic and eye-catching centerpiece.

One idea that can add to the effect would be to use a gray-scale photo. Using grayscale complements the lines, shadows, and perspective of urban photography. It makes for a classy and timeless effect that pairs nicely with sleek, modern interiors.

Don’t Have Photos?

Never fear! You can easily find perfect photos for your custom canvas print online! One thing that you always have to be on the lookout for copyrights and artistic rights. Usually, you can contact the photographers and artists to purchase the rights to the photo before sending them in for printing.

Not looking to pay for great photos? One of my favourite places to source free, high quality photos is Unsplash.

Looking for high-quality custom printing? Picture Sensations offers high-quality custom canvas printing services. We promise that any photos you send us will look as good hanging from your wall as they did when you sent them in with our giclee digital printing methods.

As our name implies, Picture Sensations wants you to feel various sensations when you experience and enjoy our digital canvas prints. Whatever your inspiration is for buying our artwork, we hope to help make your place a little bit more “you”.