Our Commitment to Quality

At PictureSensations, we believe that every homeowner should be proud owners of high quality artwork that will last generations. We have gone through great lengths to find the best suppliers for our canvas, frames, and ink to ensure that our product are lasting centerpieces.

Our 19mil premium cotton canvas is thick, sturdy and strong. We have chosen a fabric that absorbs ink well without blotting or smudging, and is resistant to accidental tearing and creasing.

We supply our Mutoh glicee printers an eco-ink that have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions while still able to reproduce beautiful and vivid colors. The ink is rated to last over 75 years in typical indoor environments. The result is a print pleasing to the eye but unnoticeable to the nose that can last a lifetime!

We assemble our frames in-house from a thick and sturdy basswood stretcher frame sourced from a regional lumber mill. Our 1¾” × ¾” frame means that our canvases are sturdy without needing reinforcement and will not break from accidental falls or other light mishandling.

For comparison, here is a to-scale side by side photo we took of a competitor’s product with the canvas removed.

The competitor frame used a cheap softwood with hasty manufacturing methods, leading to exposed nails and splinters all on their final product, and an overall flimsy feel despite having a reinforcing framing bar.

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