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Wall Murals

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Premium Cotton Canvas

“This was fabulous!!!! Very pretty colors and a rich canvas texture for the price. As a very busy and high-end event coordinator, it worked perfect for my event decor project.”

Our cotton canvas is thick and well-textured and will give your wall mural the extra pop needed to make your space your own.

While the frame is not used for our wall murals, we have included it in the photo to show the size and scale of the cotton canvas texture

Closeup of our Misty Forest Wall Mural


Adjustable and Reusable with 30 Minute Installation

“So easy to put up that my 15 year old daughter did it with the help of a friend. No dad assistance needed, for the record it did make me sad I was not involved. It looks great though on her bedroom wall!”

“You can safely peel it off, re-stick it, and peel again…many times. It looks awesome in our classroom and adds bright, beautiful color without the mess or expense of paint and can be removed without damaging the paint or existing wall surface.”

  • Adhesive will unstick from itself

    If during installation you accidentally stick the adhesive to itself, you can gently tug it apart without harming the mural or adhesive coating.

  • Reuse multiple times without damaging wall, product or adhesive

    Our adhesives are just tacky enough to keep the product secure without causing any permanent damage. The product can be applied and removed 10+ times without damaging the mural or the wall surface.

  • No need for glues or adhesive

    Avoid the mess of dealing with traditional wallpaper. The only tool you need is a flat object like a plastic ruler that can apply even pressure and press out air pockets and scissors or knife to trim excess sections.

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