Product FAQs

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What printing technology do you use?

We are very proud to produce high quality giclée prints. Giclée prints utilize the latest and the most sophisticated ink-jet printing technology. The pigment-based ink is applied directly to the canvas which provides better accuracy than other means of transferring images on artist cotton canvas.

Are the canvas prints ready to hang?

All of our canvas prints arrive already stretched on the frame. No assembly is required. Our team carefully stretches each canvas onto the frame to give you a professional gallery wrapped canvas print with no staples visible on the front or sides. We do not include mounting hardware, so be sure to pick some up while your product is being shipped.

What file formats do you accept for custom prints?

We can work with almost all digital file formats. JPG is our preferred file format.

Will my picture look good on canvas?

Our glicée printers operate between 150DPI to 300DPI. Our image enhancement process combined with a gentle canvas texture allows us to make almost any picture taken by a modern camera into an amazing print. For custom wall murals, you may need a high-resolution (at least 10 megapixel) image for larger prints. If we do receive an image that is too small to print well at the desired size, we will contact you prior to production.

How long will the canvas last?

We use only archival quality pigment-based inks and hand-picked basswood frames. The inks have been tested to last over 75 years before showing any signs of fading or discoloring.

What is the best way to install wall murals?

Our wall murals ship with installation instructions too.

  1. Clean the wall surface to free it of any dust or oil that may prevent the mural from sticking. Be sure the wall is completely dry prior to starting installation.
  2. Depending on size, our wall murals may be split into multiple sections to facilitate shipping and installation. Lay out your murals to ensure you are starting with the correct piece.
  3. To install wall murals, work from top to bottom, and from one side to the other. Only expose as much adhesive as is necessary to attach the section of the mural you are working with. Apply gentle pressure, and use a flat plastic edge like a ruler or binder to ensure a smooth surface without any air pockets underneath. Avoid using metal tools to press out air pockets as these may cut, scratch, or scuff the wall mural.
  4. Segments are printed with a slight overlap. It is difficult to trim the murals perfectly flush, so we recommend you simply overlap adjacent segments to ensure that there is no visible gap between. Use scissors or a very sharp knife to trim off any unneeded sections (e.g. for moulding, hardware mounts, electrical outlets)
Where are your products made?

Printing and assembly is performed in Picture Sensations’ and our partners’ facilities in Canada. Beware of cheap knockoff products made in overseas facilities that use inferior materials and outdated printing techniques!